Alexander Technique

Practitioner: Pippa Bondy

The Alexander Technique is a method of re-awakening our mind/body awareness. Sometimes we hold deep-rooted tension, which is physical, mental, and emotional. This can manifest it's self in the form of many problems in our life.

The accumulation of years of tension often means we have become unconscious and 'out of touch' with our body and also our mental and emotional habits of stress and strain.

The Alexander Technique helps us not only to become aware of the tensions we hold on a psycho/physical level, but also our habitual reactions. Having reawakened this awareness we then actually have a choice to release out of these habits; hence we become less reactive and more responsive in our life and many of our problems clear up on their own. So along with stress related disorders this technique is complementary and supportive to meditation, tai chi, playing a musical instrument, singing and personal growth.

This technique is normally taught on a one to one basis, the teacher uses her hands in a gentle and non-invasive way to release the tension that we hold. In a course of lessons the student learns through this 'hands-on' experience and verbal dialogue to re-educate their body and thinking.

One will start with an introduction session (one hour) and there after the student is looking at a course of weekly sessions (½-¾ hour). Organically over this period of time one's whole system is gently re-educated into a space of quieter stillness in body and mind. One feels more relaxed with a sense of ease, eventually one reconnects with a sense of well being and renewed energy. -