Pippa Bondy MSTAT

I love this work, teaching the Alexander Technique is rewarding for me. I love seeing people grow and blossom and experience themselves in new ways with ease and grace.

As a young child I had a twisted spine and a deep anxiety. In my mid twenties I was persuaded to try a course of Alexander Technique lessons.

I was so impressed by the results that, after many more lessons, I spent three years training to become an Alexander Technique teacher. Teaching and offering the Alexander Technique over the past thirty years has been a revelation. I have seen this technique transform people’s lives.

Now, I have developed and maintained a thriving Alexander Technique private practice since 1991, and have a total of 30 years experience as an Alexander teacher.

I've worked with thousands of people and developed my work to support those who suffer from pain and trauma, both physical and emotional. I have facilitated courses for staff at children's hospices and trained student Alexander Technique teachers in the UK and the USA. I have also facilitated and offered courses and workshops for the health care, educational, social work and business communities. I Live in Harlech and offer private Alexander Technique sessions at the Harbourside Clinic.I also periodically run Introduction Workshops for the WEA at Coleg Harlech.

I am a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) so adhere to the Society's Code of Professional Conduct and am covered by professional indemnity insurance.