Debbie Macwhirter FHT, ICHT

I have been interested in holistic therapies for many years and obtained my first certificate in Reiki 1 in 1997. I then went to reach Reiki masters in 1998. Prior to that I had been attending a healing group where we would give regular healing's once a week for about 4 years.
This all helped to fuel my interest in holistic therapies, and in 1999 I started my first course in Aromatherapy and body massage and obtained my first diploma in 2000 from Coleg Menai.
I then went on to do, Reflexology and Indian head massage, receiving Diplomas in both of these in 2001. Thermo auricular therapy or hopi ear-candling for short, gaining a certificate which I received while I was living in Ireland.
I am at present doing further courses in Herbalism acupressure and non-surgical foot specialist, the latter of which I am hoping to finish this year (2007).
I have many hobbies from kayaking, listening to classical and hard rock music and going to concerts, gardening, reading, learning to play the violin and piano and walking.
I have a husband who is a wonderful cook, a beautiful 19yr old daughter and two amazing cats and live on the Lleyn Peninsular with the most spectacular views in the world.

Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils from plants. I stress the word pure, as only pure essential oils have the properties to work on the sensory organs of the body in a holistic way.
My main use with the oils is through massage and smell. The two go together reaching the olfactory system i.e. smell and of cause the skin, penetrating to the lymphatic system. With smell the oils reach the brain working on the chemicals for our emotions either relaxing, stimulating etc. There are so many benefits to Aromatherapy from stress release, toning muscles, headaches, detoxing the body, it can help with bro-myalgia, polymyalgia and strained muscles, joint problems and many more complaints.

Reflexology is basically massage of the feet that uses reflex points to stimulate certain areas of the feet that feet are a map of our body, all our organs, spine and head etc are all there mapped in our feet. Using these reflex points can help with many aliments from headaches, migraines, stomach problems, muscle and joint pain and many more. As with most other therapies a course is recommended to obtain the full benefit. I must stress that no guarantee can be given that the client will become well after any of the treatments and that a Doctors advise should always sought.

Reiki is form of hands on healing which is said to go back hundreds of years. Universal energy is passed through the hands of the healer [for want of a better word] to the client . One usually starts at the head and works down the body, with the energy going to where it is needed. It can work on any level, spiritual, emotional, physical or mental.
Reiki is not attached to any religion or cult, it is open to anybody. It can do no harm and is non- intrusive. People who have Reiki through healing, usually say it is of great benefit, if only to give relief to they're stressful lives. As with the other therapies there is no guarantee of a cure.
Attunements are given in four stages.
Reiki 1 is to help the person with his or hers own self-healing.
Reiki 2 gives the person the opportunity to pass the energy on to others.
Reiki 3 and 4 is for teaching level and can be used to pass an attunement on to others.
It must be said that with each attunement there will be a certain amount of self -growth, as Reiki is a life long commitment.

Indian head massage has been practiced in India for hundreds of years.
It was quite natural from family members to massage each other's hair with oils. Nowadays the back, shoulders, arms and neck, has been introduced to deal with the stresses of our modern way of life.
It can help with many problems such as alopecia by stimulating the scalp.
Stress and muscle tension can be relieved by this therapy. . .
It is very useful in the case of office workers. Sitting at a computer or over a desk for-- long hours can cause considerable tension and also make one feel sluggish and tired. After having an Indian head massage one can feel invigorated mentally and physically. Oils such as almond, avocado, olive oil or grape seed oil are generally used with Indian head massage. These can help to give the hair condition and lustre. Essential oils can be added to the above carrier oils if the client so wishes. With Aromatherapy massage the client is generally laying down, but with Indian head massage the use of a special chair is used for the clients' comfort.

Foot Care (non surgical) - Offering nail cutting, hard skin removal, fungal skin and nail treatments, verruca, corn and ingrowing nail removal.