Elin Alaw

Croeso – welcome to the gentle yet powerful healing modality of homeopathy.

My first encounter with this system of medicine happened when I was studying for an undergraduate degree in Music. At that time I was struggling with the chronic, lingering effects of glandular fever and my flute tutor was concerned that, according to her, my character had stopped coming through in my playing. This was promptly followed by my piano tutor marching me to the local homeopath. And so started my fascination with energy medicine.

During a consultation we will explore your symptoms at length. These might include physical complaints, mental patterns and emotional experiences. Drawing or poetry might become useful exploratory tools, especially with children. With this information about you as a whole person, I will then make a holistic prescription and send it to you in the form of a homeopathic pillule or liquid. Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled for the following month, so that your response to the medicine can be evaluated.

Consultations can be in Welsh or in English. In some cases, Reiki sessions can be arranged to complement your homeopathic treatment, as well as guidance regarding diet and lifestyle choices.

Further details are available on my website: www.elinalaw.com. Enquiries, bookings and cancellations (at least 5 days in advance) can be made directly with me on 07989 491 417.